Rauschert, a globally leading producer of technical ceramics, plastic components and functional components, has set the accomplishment of its customers’ requests and satisfaction as the highest quality goals. Right behind the safety of our employees, the quality of our products and processes hat the number one priority.

For the sake of protecting their environment and resources, Rauschert are dealing economically and responsibly with materials and energy. Waste will be minimised, collected separately and will be recycled, if at all possible. Exhaust fumes of production processes will be thermically treated and filtered before emission. All production processes are being optimised for safety and energy efficiency, systematically. All employees are being trained to guarantee an environmentally appropriate, responsible and resource conscious behaviour.

Already in the designing phase of their products, the future energy consumption is being considered. Rauschert itself is producer as well as provider of services for special environmentally friendly products (energy efficient pellet igniters, solar systems, filtration units, etc.).

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