ATS Transporttechnieken BV is a Dutch company with more than 30 years of experience in almost any type of product and/or pallet conveyor, handling system, manipulation system, palletizing system, process automation, etc.

Whether it is only a single conveyor or a complete logistics installation, ATS Transporttechnieken BV can serve you in all cases. Because almost every logistical problem has more than one solution and ‘standard’ is rarely standard, every product and project can be custom built to satisfy the customer’s specific needs.

The most popular ‘standard’ product is a fully automatic bag emptying machine that can be built in different setups and with different options. ATS is unique in this and the only company in Europe that builds this concept.

Note that all of the products can be manufactured entirely in stainless steel and according to the guidelines of e.g. food industry or the pharmaceutical industry.


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