With more than 2.000 machines installed worldwide from the year 1994, Hip-Mitsu is one of the most qualified producers of turn-key converting lines, dispensers, melters, controls and more for hot melt adhesives, including PO and PUR.

The company, headquartered close to Venice, is located in one of the most advanced mechatronic districts in Europe and avails of the cooperation with the universities of Milan, Padua and Bologna.

The considerable number of international patents owned by Hip-Mitsu is the result of the continuous R&D activities – supported also by a state-of-the-art Competence Center available for customer’s testing – where the company is investing every year around 7% of its annual turnover.

Hip-Mitsu product portfolio enables continuous and intermittent applications, both in contact or contact-less and gives answer to every application need in terms of coating width, progress speed, coating weight and intermittence, providing top performances and absolute reliability.

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